One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA CFP - Sampaloc 1 Elementary School

Tree planting year

Tree name

OISCA CFP and Sampaloc 1 Elementary School - “Cultivate the Future”


Time Zone

PHT (Philippines Time)

Tree species

Narra - 10

Why this species was chosen

Narra is indigenous tree and has lower mortality rate compared to other trees.


Our story

Sampaloc 1 Elementary School was a recipient of OISCA CFP from 2005 to 2010. Being a CFP participating school, Sampaloc 1 Elementary School has no more space for planting as we have a fully developed mini forest thru OISCA’s Children’s Forest Program. Our school’s surroundings are green and clean. We decided to join OISCA CFP’s Green Wave Campaign this year because we wanted to further encourage people to promote Clean and Green programs. We also attended the lectures and tree planting activities relative to OISCA’s Green Wave campaign which was conducted outside of our school.