One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

Malinao Ilaya Elementary School

Tree planting year

Tree name

OISCA CFP and Malinao Ilaya Elementary School - “Cultivate the Future”


Time Zone

PHT (Philippines Time)

Tree species

Narra - 10 seedlings

Why this species was chosen

Narra is our considered as our national tree. It is very important the we plant Narra because it was once very common and full grown narra has now become very rare. In addition, narra tree has high survival rate.


Our story

Our school is proud to promote Clean and Green Program. Although we no longer have areas to plant more trees, we passionately continue to plant trees in every available area. Everyone who participated in OISCA CFP’s 2012 Green Wave Campaign has learned a lot thru the lectures. We hope to attend a similar event next year and we are very happy and appreciative of being part of this event.