One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA Philippines CFP with Macabaclay Elementary School

Tree planting year

Tree name

OISCA CFP and Macabaclay Elementary School


Time Zone

GMT (+0800)

Tree species

Mahogany and Narra

Why this species was chosen

MAHOGANY will help prevent soil erosion. It is a tropical tree that can grow up to more than 10 meters in height. Mahogany can provide good shade during summer time. It is also used as traditional herbal medicine. NARRA will help prevent soil erosion. It is hard and heavy wood, it is also good for furniture and is also used as traditional herbal medicine. Narra is also known as the Philippine National Tree.


Our story

The participants arrived before 8:00 am at Macabaclay Elementary School -- the venue for the 2012 Green Wave Campaign. For the 2012 Green Wave Campaign, OISCA CFP and the school, Macabaclay Elementary School lined up an Environmental Education session and tree planting at exactly 10:00 AM. The Environmental Education session started at exactly 8:00 with a prayer and the singing of the Philippines National Anthem. The Environmental Education session was conducted by OISCA CFP Nueva Ecija Coordinator, Mrs. Leonila O. Santos, and Mr. Roy V. Canor of Ariendo Elementary School DepEd representatives, ALS, NGO’s, LGU, BFC, Pupils and teachers joined the tree planting activity at exactly 10:00 AM. Overall, the activity was a success. We have stressed to the participants the importance of caring for the Environment and natural resources. The students also signed their commitment to the environment which was posted on the board.