One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA CFP and Esturas-Nabata Elementary School- “Cultivate the Future”

Tree planting year

Tree name

OISCA CFP and Esturas-Nabata Elementary School- “Cultivate the Future”


Time Zone

PHT (Philippines Time)

Tree species

Pili, Mahogany

Why this species was chosen

Pili - 30 Mahogany - 120 These species were chosen because they are indigenous to the area. The Pili will bear fruit and be productive after five years. Being indigenous to the area, these species will thrive well compared with other species.


Our story

OISCA CFP Capalonga Encouraged Schools in the District of Capalonga to join Green Wave Campaign. Following are the highlights: March 7 to 23, 2012. Preparation of Area for the 2012 Green Wave Campaign The schools coordinator of Capalonga District and School Coordinator Joven Diezmo was informed by the Cluster Principal Vivien R. Laborte that Esturas-Nabata Elementary School Cluster will conduct 2012 Green Wave Campaign. April 30, 2012 (Environmental Education) The Environmental Education (EE), a 1-day seminar duly attended by the thirteen (13) OISCA-CFP participating schools of Capalonga District, was conducted on April 30, 2012 (Monday) at Esturas-Nabata Elementary School. Said EE was designed for two (2) major purposes: to illuminate the participants as to the environmental concerns that beset us nowadays, and to prepare the participants as to their role/participation in the forthcoming 2012 Green Wave Campaign scheduled on May 22, 2012. May 7 – 21, 2012 (Preparation for 2012 Furusato Green Wave Campaign) The school OISCA coordinator, with a teacher of this school, went to six (6) remote schools: the schools have shown their eagerness to become member-recipients of OISCA-CFP. May 22, 2012 (2012 Furusato Green Wave Campaign) The Esturas-Nabata Elementary School, being the host school in the just-concluded 2012 Green Wave Campaign in Camarines Norte, served as the staging area for the thirteen (13) OISCA-CFP participating schools in this municipality. The Campaign, which was officially launched via a parade around the town was duly attended and participated by the school OISCA coordinators, teachers, a number of pupils, school administrators, and key officers of the GPTA of the 13 participating schools, the public schools district supervisor, members of the KABALIKAT civicom, and barangay (Ward/District) officials of the host barangay, Catioan. After the parade, the participants went to the host school and each school planted five (5) pili trees. The activities were made possible through the initiative of Mr. Solovin A. Laborte, the Capalonga District Schools OISCA-CFP coordinator of the host school, and with the assistance and active participation of OISCA CFP School coordinators, School administrators and teachers.