One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA Phillipines Technical Trainees Alumni Association (OTTAA) Nueva Vizcaya Reforestation Project

Tree planting year

Tree name

OISCA Childrens Forest Program OTTAA Reforestation Project and Kirang Elementary School, 2012 Green Wave Campaign


Time Zone

GMT (+0800)

Tree species

Narra, Apitong

Why this species was chosen

During this year's Green Wave Campaign, we planted 15 Narra seedlings and 15 Apitong seedlings. We choose this 2 species because it is an indigenous tree that is already endangered to our province.


Our story

As early as 8:00 in the morning, techers and selected pupils of Kirang Elementary school gathered together to join the 2012 Green Wave Campaign. Student Lea Emocleng, who just arrived from Japan as CFP Goodwill Ambassador, led the environmental activities in the school. OISCA Nueva Vizcaya Project Manager, Dr. Mario G. Lopez and OISCA CFP Provincial Coordinator for Nueva Ecija, Mr. Jose Ildefonso conducted Environmental Education with emphasis on Green Wave Campaign, and Biodiversity, its importance and the need for protection. The children were very attentive. This year’s campaign included not only environmental education and tree planting at the school but also the cleaning of the school surroundings. After the tree planting at the school, Dr. Mario G. Lopez invited all the participants to the OISCA-OTTAA Reforestation Project to plant one seedling as memorial planting marking Biodiversity Day and the declaration of the Decade of Biodiversity. Snacks were served after the planting and ball pens were distributed to the children as token for their participation in the campaign. For this year's Green Wave Campaign, we have planted 15 Narra seedlings, and 15 Apitong seedlings -- indigenous tree species which are now endangered. 30 students attended the Environmental Education session and tree planting activities.