One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

Economic Intelligence and Commercial Development

Tree planting year

Tree name

The green GCC


Time Zone

AST (Arabic Standard Time)

Our story

Alia Saif Al-Naamany, founder of Economic Intelligence and Commercial Development Company (EICD), downloaded a world map from UNEP that shows how much green is each area in the world. Unfortunately in GCC there are not enough trees. Since EICD is registered at "The Green Wave" which is a campaign to educate children about biodiversity; then the ideal was to participate in International Day of Biodiversity by inviting Muscat International School (MIS) to plant trees. Why Muscat International School, because they have many environment projects for primary school. So on the occasion of International Day for Biodiversity, EICD invited 60 primary children from MIS to plant 70 different trees and the main tree royal palm, registered at the Green Wave as "The Green GCC". The children were happy to be part of the event although they worked hard to plant trees under 40'C temperature. Some few external volunteers joined and helped the children to plant the trees. Mr. Gordon Parish, head of MIS primary school and two other teachers were really supportive. At the end 100 green balloons were released as symbol of spreading the news around Oman that we are supporting "The Green Wave" and thus showing how we giving importance to biodiversity.