One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA PNG CFP with Vunakabi Elementary School

Tree planting year

Tree name

Protecting Soil Erosion into the school areas and to keep the green remain.


Time Zone

GMT (+1000)

Tree species

Teak, Germelina, Accacia, Taun, Terminalia, Mangoe, Blackbean10 Rambutan 12Mandarin

Why this species was chosen

Some of the the hard wood species was selected to be plant, for the roots to hold the soil for about another 25 years it grows, and some fruit trees for the childrens to eat and school for beneficial.

Our story

On the 22nd May 2012, was the Green wave day , activity was carried out by OISCA Rabaul PNG, the children and teachers learned about the importants of trees,plants,animals birds ,insects, and also the marine Eco-system, life in the sea and in the land to be protected,the teachers appreciated oisca to introduced the green wave and , to continue with CFP Childrens Forest program,The childrens show great interest and co-operated well to plant trees.