One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

Watch The Green Wave Online, 22 May 2009

22 May 2009 - The 2009 Green Wave started on the International Date Line that runs through the Pacific, moving eastwards hour by hour. Participants planted Green Wave trees in the morning and have been uploading photos and stories about their event. At 20:10 hours, local time (barring a few glitches!), a tree that marks their location appears online on The Green Wave map signifying that their stories and photos are published on the website. Participation has been tremendous across time zones and submissions have flooded in. From Asia and the Pacific the wave moves across Europe and Africa, across the Americas and ends back in the Pacific on the International Date Line. We hope that participants enjoy reviewing their postings, sharing those of others and being a part of The Green Wave, 2009.

Click on the trees to find out about the event, and have a look at some examples of Green Wave celebrations below.

Here’s an example of a story from Ecole primaire El Fejja, Tabarka, Jendouba, Tunisia:

El Fejja Tabarka Primary School students planted locally important trees species in their schoolyard. Help in the event and the selection of the tree species was provided by APEL, a Global Environment Facility-Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP) grantee acting locally in Tabarka. The UNDP Country Office staff participated to the events. The UNDP Resident Representative, Dr Mohammed Belhocine, participated to the event and encouraged students to plant more trees in their school , at home and in theirs villages.

Tabarka, Tunisia


And here’s another example from school children of Mehrgrün statt Straßen in the town of Neufelden in the rolling green hills of Upper Austria. Through their Green Wave planting they’ve boosted the biodiversity of Neufelden!


Here’s an example of The Green Wave Campaign from students, teachers and Personnel of Pinagbuhatan Highschool, Pinagbuhatan Pasig City Philippines:

This Project started during the turn–over ceremony of fruit bearing trees by the outgoing Corps Officers of Fourth year students to the incoming Corps. Third year students committed themselves to plant the trees during the Green Wave Campaign on May 22, 2009. The Green Corps Volunteer, a youth organization, was formed during the ceremony. Amongst other activities, a symposium on Biological Diversity was held as part of the preparation for 22 May. As early as 7 o’clock in the morning of 22 May, the Green Corps Volunteer assembled inside the school compound for the trip to the place were the symbolic Green Wave will be held. Along the way, the group posted campaign materials on the street billboards. Before the tree planting, the group conducted clean-up activites in the area. At exactly ten in the morning a ceremonial watering of trees was done as a symbolic green wave.


And an example from Southern Belize:

Over 80 schools have participated in The Green Wave in southern Belize which included the districts of Toledo and Stann Creek. Amost all the primary schools participated along with pre-schools and the University of Belize. A lot of native trees were planted over the period of a month - trees such as cedar, mahogany, nutmeg, moringa, neem, soursop, mollyapple, jackfruit, kinep, almond, rosewood, mango, coconuts, cortez, plantain, salmwood, teak, flamboyant, cashew, citrus, coffee, cocoa, coffee, tambran, dwarf palms, starfruit, custard apple, monkey cap, gooseberry, lime and mammy apple. The climax of this year’s event was a tree planting at St. Benedict Primary School in Punta Gorda Town. Thanks to everyone who made this day and month a success!

Below is a photo from St. Benedict's Primary School.