Une école, un arbre, un geste pour la Nature

L'action de la Vague Verte dans le monde en 2009

Many different groups are involved in The Green Wave: schools, biodiversity institutes, botanical gardens, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, governments, businesses and the media. As groups register for The Green Wave 2009 over the next few months, this map will show the location of all planned activities and groups.

Visit the map regularly as more and more groups join The Green Wave.

Be sure to check the website on 22 May 2009 to watch the "green wave" as the tree stories go live in each time zone at 8:10 PM (20:10) local time.

You may change the look of the map to “Map” (topographical and street map), Satellite (satellite and high resolution aerial photographs) or “Terrain” (geographical features in high relief). You may also zoom in to a continent, country and sometimes even a city or street.