Una escuela, un árbol, un gesto para la Naturaleza

OISCA Cambodia CFP with Tropearng Reusey Primary School

Tree planting year

Tree name

Children's Forest Program Supported by OISCA to create our green school. We Love Green


Time Zone

GMT (+0700)

Tree species

Neang Noun, Beng, Kror Nhung Kohkos, Sokrom,

Why this species was chosen

They are a kind of forestry tree that the kids and community people rarely see in their community, and some of them grow quickly in the area condition. It has many branches that can be a shed for people.

Our story

All the students participated the environmental workshop before planting the trees. The environmental session such as recycling, global warming, and technique of tree planting and practice. In the morning of 22nd May, The students and Teachers who participated in the workshop shown and taught other students how plant the tree and what is important of the tree. We told them the name of each tree and the reason why we plant these trees in the school. The students dig the hole and apply the basal fertilizer for a week before they starting plant the trees.