One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA Indonesia CFP with SD-SBI Kab. Sukabumi

Tree planting year

Tree name

Jabal & Zalfaa's action is as CFP Ambassadors


Time Zone

GMT (+0700)

Tree species

Numteg, Puspa, Calik Angin (Macaranga rhizinoides), dan rambutan

Why this species was chosen

Pala is an indigenous tree of Sukabumi, Puspa and Calik Angin are the endemic trees of Sukami's tropical rain forest. And rambutan, its fruit much liked.


Our story

Jabal and Zalfaa just returned from Japan after following the CFP Goodwill Ambassadors, They invite the grade 6th students as a last offering to the school on CFP and the Green Wave campaign which was followed by 4 times from 2009 year.