One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA PNG CFP with Ratongor Primary school

Tree planting year

Tree name

"The future we want"talking about CFP trees been planted 2008 1st launching, provide good role,


Time Zone

GMT (+1000)

Tree species

Germelina, Accacia, Ganarium, Talis, Blackbean

Why this species was chosen

Protect sea shore area from sea moves. Keep soil layer solid by root net work and prevent soil from occurrence of landerosion. Produce various kinds of resources such as food,medicine etc. From ecosystem and provide shelter in which many kids of living things could live.

Our story

On the 22nd May 2012, all around the world do partake in Green wave activity.We'll in Papua New Guinea, many schools do participated in this activity. Ratongor upper and lower Primary school which I took part in tree planting was one of the school involved in tree planting in 2008 also planted 10 different species of trees. Many trees planted in year 2008 and 2010 were well grown along the coastal area to prevent sea tides, but because of sea waves along the sea shore few meters more left far sea to over thrown these planted trees. Ratongor PS requested for mangroves to be plant in year 2012 as CFP or Environment Day program.