One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

OISCA PNG CFP with Vunalovo Primary school

Tree planting year

Tree name

Plant the tree with your heart and and take care of fruit trees, was launching last year 2011(CFP) Childrens Forest Programme


Time Zone

GMT (+1000)

Tree species

5 Teak,1 GermelinaAccacia, Taun, Terminalia, Mangoe, Blackbean, Rambutan, Mandarin

Why this species was chosen

The selected trees are for the fruits and at the same time provided good shading for children, and the communities, and for the living things.

Our story

We start the programme with speeches about the theme: of the Green wave ,This green wave activity was a newly introduce to this school, the children are enjoying with this program with their teachers, planting and caring plant saplings launched 2011 CFP.