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How to Watch WWE Smackdown 3/26/19

Preview: Kurt Angle was once one of Team Blue’s most prominent Superstars. He ruled over SmackDown LIVE as World Heavyweight Champion, squared off with rivals like Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio and John Cena and even served as the brand’s General Manager. Before he hangs up his boots for good at WrestleMania, the gold medalist will make one last appearance on SmackDown LIVE. He’s not taking this stop on his farewell tour lightly, either, as he’ll be squaring off with The Face That Runs The Place, AJ Styles. What will happen when these two Superstars clash for the first time ever in WWE? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

DATE: March 26th, 2019

Event: Watch WWE Smackdown 3/26/19



Quick Hits
Fatal 4-Way Match to determine Asuka’s WrestleMania challenger
Kurt Angle to have his final match on SmackDown LIVE against AJ Styles
What does the future hold for The New Day?
What’s next for Lynch and Flair after an eventful Raw?