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International Youth Day 2012 - Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth

Each year on 12 August, the United Nations invites UN agencies, member states and civil society to join youth and youth organizations in celebrating International Youth Day (IYD).

This year, IYD’s theme is: Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth. It provides an opportunity to build upon the priorities of the UN Secretary-General’s Action Agenda and to explore ways for stakeholders to collaborate with young people especially in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship, political inclusion, citizenship and protection of rights, and education, including on sexual and reproductive health.

Responding to the UN Secretary General’s call to include youth in political processes, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) supports youth in their effort to contribute and participate in CBD activities and meetings, including its eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to take place on 8-19 October in Hyderabad, India.

At the occasion of IYD, youth are encouraged to make recommendations for how the United Nations can better partner and work with young people, amongst other issues. Let us know what you think!

In order for a maximum of participants to speak up and get directly involved in IYD activities, a range of interactive tools are made available including a series of six Google+ Hangouts corresponding to the above thematic(see links below).

Email your IYD success stories and recommendations to:

Hangouts-stream of discussions on YouTube

IYD on Facebook

IYD – Department of Economics and Social Affairs

Secretary-General’s Action Agenda

Secretary-General, in Message for International Youth Day, Warns against Creating Lost Generation of Squandered Talent and Dreams