One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

Celebrate the Green Wave!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2013 Green Wave! Once again The Green Wave brought together thousands of pupils, students, teachers, parents, community leaders as well as regional and international partners who took action for biodiversity!

Groups who participated in the 2013 wave are represented by a tree on the 2013 map. On 22 May, their events appeared on the International Date Line that runs through the Pacific, and moved westwards each hour. Each hour, beginning at 20:20 local time in the GMT+12 time zone, new trees appeared on the map. As in the previous years, the 2013 map filled up with trees in Asia and the Pacific, across Europe and Africa, over the ocean to the America, and finally reached back to the Pacific.

Click on the map and the trees below to find out more about The 2013 Green Wave.

The Green Wave is a multi-year global campaign that enables children and youth to make a difference – one school, one project, one step at a time. The Green Wave brings together children and youth from around the world to raise awareness about biodiversity, and the need to reduce its loss.

We invite you to join The Green Wave. You’ll learn-by-doing and be recognized internationally on Google maps. Start by exploring this website. Learn more about The Green Wave, Green Wave celebrations, trees and how your school can get involved in an exciting international initiative.

Jean Lemire appointed Green Wave Ambassador

Canadian explorer, biologist and film-maker Jean Lemire has been appointed as ambassador to The Green Wave. Find out more.