One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature


  • Talk to your classmates, teacher or school club about The Green Wave. Once you’ve organized a group, have your teacher “join us”.
  • Now it’s time to do some research and to plan your group’s tree planting activities. Click here for some hints on doing research and planning your activities. Once you’ve finished planning, ask your teacher to “register your tree”. Don’t worry if your activities evolve over time – your teacher can always update the information.
  • Put your plan into action! Plant your tree. On 22 May, count down to 10:00am (local time). At 10:00am, water your tree (whether it is in the ground or in a container or in a plastic bag) to create a symbolic “green wave” around the world. Take a photograph.
  • Prepare and upload your submission for The Green Wave website. For submission ideas, click here.
  • Check The Green Wave website at 20:20 (local time) on 22 May. The interactive map will “go live” and you can see projects around the world.
  • With your group, talk about the good and not-so-good parts of The Green Wave experience. Send your feedback to The Green Wave team so they can make next year’s event even better.
  • Keep checking The Green Wave website and dreaming about next year’s event.

Don’t forget to care for your tree!