One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature

Involve Students

  • Talk to your students, fellow teachers or administrators about The Green Wave. Once you’ve organized a group, “join us” to create a school account. Please note that only one project will be permitted per school.
  • Now it’s time to conduct research and organize tree-planting activities. Click here for some hints on research and planning for The Green Wave. Once you’ve finished planning, register your tree. Don’t worry if your activities evolve over time – you can always update the information.
  • Put your plan into action! Plant your tree. On 22 May (the International Day for Biological Diversity), count down to 10:00am (local time). At 10:00am, water your tree (whether it is in the ground or in a container or in a plastic bag) to create a symbolic “green wave” around the world. Take a photograph.
  • Prepare and upload your submission to The Green Wave website. If parental permission is given, include the student contributor’s name and age. Please note that text submissions can have a maximum of 200 words (excluding picture captions). For submission ideas, click here.
  • Check The Green Wave website at 20:20 (local time) on 22 May. The interactive map will “go live” and you can see projects around the world here.
  • With your group, talk about the good and not-so-good parts of The Green Wave experience. Send your feedback to The Green Wave team so they can make next year’s event even better.
  • Keep checking The Green Wave website and dreaming about next year’s event.

Don’t forget to care for your tree!